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The Maze is constructed of extremely tall stone walls surrounding the Glade


While ores and trees can be found randomly scattered around the maze, as well as small structures. like doors and lamp posts, there are larger areas that spawn within the maze.


Traps are a feature that has been brought back after previously being removed. There are 4 traps right now, they are a tripwire that, when tripped, the floor beneath the player collapses to leave them in an inescapable pit before shortly being slain by acid that fills the collapsed pit, an arrow trap that can shoot you with a barrage of arrows, these traps are easily avoidable, and a ninja star trap, similar to arrow trap, this trap is easily avoidable. You can tell the difference between ninja star and arrow, as ninja star has moss growing on top of it.  Originally, there were spear pit traps that would stab the player if they walked over them, but with the removal of the Twilight Zone, the spear traps were removed as well. There is also an acid gas trap you can avoid by going on top of it and a rock trap which will crush you.

Recent updates have brought in a new trap (recognizable by the two green canisters) that emits a cloud of toxic gas which rapidly drains health, and a new version of the falling wall, a boulder that falls upon walking beneath it, touching the boulder will instantly kill you.

It is to be noted that unlike the other traps, the gas one cannot be evaded by jumping over the cloud, even sprinting through it can drain up more or less half of the player's health. But trigger can be prevented by going on the structure and walking above it without triggering the trap.

Tip: except for the tripwire, which has to be jumped over, activating any traps can be avoided by simply passing on the rocks where said trap is in, although only one side of the boulder trap is low enough to do so.


  • Red Light Puzzle - Puzzle in which guiding a red laser to a slot grants access to a Bronze Chest.
  • Green Light Puzzle - Puzzle in which guiding a green laser to a door grants access to a Gold chest.
  • Ore platform puzzle - a four-sided area where players can activate pressure plates to extend a bridge to a randomly generated ore in the center that can range from gold to even heavenly crystals. This is the Lava Dungeon
  • Green Crystal Puzzle - Puzzle in which a green crystal in a stone pillar shoots a green laser to a twin structure through a part of the maze. The Reward is a platinum chest.

Points of Interest[]

  • Griever Spawn - Three ore deposits, one tree, water with fish, and a lava pool where monsters spawn.
  • Golden Temple - a special location that requires the completion of three challenges in order to get two silvergold resource chests.
  • Lava Dungeon - A generated structure with a single ore spawn in its center.
  • Parkour Tree- A 4 part parkour that can lead up to trees from strong to moonlight spawning
  • Escape Zones - 4 different locations that lead to the exit.
  • High - Level Ore Spawn - Some Simple Parkour that leads to decent higher tier ore.
  • Egg Hunt 2019 Temple - Repurposed after the Egg Hunt 2019 for Ore spawns, ranging from Common to Celestial rarity
  • Boss room - 4 a lava surrounded platform holding Cilsius. The arena itself is a variant of the lava dungeon, without any bridge leading to the central platform which, although much larger, is level with the lava. The platform is accessible through all four entrances, said entrances being framed with gold, whereas the original lava dungeon only has red-tinted stone framing its entrances (also, the arena's frames are higher).
  • Divine tree hill - I hill in the mini darkzone which spawns trees from godly tree to heavleny tree
  • mini darkzone- a point in the maze which pvp is forced and share the same rules with dark zone

Escaping the Maze[]

The Escape Zones, which there are 4 of, can be accessed from the Outer Ring. However, only one of these 4 Escape Zones will be opened at night, and the open pattern is random. You may be fast enough to find the correct door, anyways. But, before, to access the Outer Ring, you must find the Outer Ring Entrance Doors. These doors can be easily found by just walking straight as far as possible from the Glades' Gates. This means they are four, and as same with the Escape Zone Gates, only one of these will open at night.

When you get to the Escape Zones, you will have to complete a small miniature maze to find parkour which will lead you to escape, this parkour can be either a lava pool, a lava cave, an acid cave, etcetera.